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WE ARE LOVE is a global platform to inspire connection, growth, wellness, mindfulness, healing, and love—to inspire people to love themselves and each other.


We gather research by talking to people from around the world to understand their struggles and triumphs when it comes to love. The majority of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical illnesses are due to the absence of love—the absence of love signifies the presence of unhappiness, pain, trauma, disease, etc. The often-overlooked component of healing is love. We share real stories and valuable information to inspire and create change.

We believe in the power of travel: travel is connection, travel is growth, and travel is love. In our Stories section, we explore why and share intimate stories from across the world.


Founded in early 2023 by Spiritual & Holistic Health Practitioner, Writer, Best-Selling Author, and Travel and Personal/Growth Content Creator, Candy Marx, to create more peace, empathy, connection, love, and understanding among humanity.


From an energetic viewpoint, the frequency of love, particularly unconditional love, is extremely powerful, healing, and evolutionary—it’s how we evolve. Love and peace are two of the highest energetic vibrations—when we feel love or peace, we emit love and peace frequencies, which increases our holistic health and raises global vibration and consciousness. Love will always overpower hate, and when we emit love or peace frequencies, we positively shift the energetic dynamics around us—we rub off on those around us, and so on and so forth.


Sign our Pledge and make a pact to love yourself and those you encounter.

Have a story to share with us? Head to Our Projects. Or want to be part of WE ARE LOVE? See our Support Us and Write for Us pages.




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