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The Power of Words

Have you ever considered the energetic power of your words? Everything is energy, and energy is frequency and vibration. Every word, thought, and action is energy—and it leaves a lasting imprint.

I set up this simple experiment to demonstrate the power of words.

I took two jars of cooled, plain, white, boiled rice and sealed the lids.

Over eight days, I spoke loving and kind words to the Love Jar (L Jar). And nasty words to the Hate Jar (H Jar). Speaking hateful words was quite tough and upset me every time.

Both jars were stored in similar conditions and temperatures, except the L Jar was surrounded by plants and included in the family—we sat next to it regularly and spoke to it as if it was a loved one. My family and I neglected the H Jar. The only human touch H Jar received was when we picked it up to speak unkind words. Both jars remained sealed until I captured the images.

After eight days of consistent verbal abuse and neglect, H Jar displayed a massive moldy growth, growing precisely where we spoke unkind words. H Jar had just started to grow blue mold as well. L Jar contained no mold at all.

We Are Love Energy Experiment#1
H Jar after 8 days

We Are Love Energy Experiment #1
L Jar after 8 days

Your words and actions are powerful—every day, you get to choose what energy you are, what energy you send to yourself, and what energy you send to others.

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