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We're looking for emerging and established non-fiction writers. Can you write about your experiences with love (romantic, platonic, for humanity, for nature, your journey to self-love, love's healing properties, what love taught you etc)? Or how has love, or the absence of love, changed you (or your subject's)? Or can you write about wellness, healing and/or mindfulness? If you can write real, unbiased, and inspiring features, or can offer expert advice, we'd love to hear from you. Please send us the following:

- Your article pitch in the body of the email or your completed article as an attachment. Digital articles should be approximately 800 words. Or can be split into two or three parts.

- A brief cover letter including your bio, your previous works (include links if necessary), and why you're a good fit for We Are Love. Please include your social media accounts, current city, and country too.

- A headshot (for our website).

Please email all information to with the subject heading PITCH.

Please note: we are non-partisan and promote unity only.

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